Native Graphic Designer

If you’re a Digitally Native Graphic Designer and you have previous experience, pay attention: At Little Buddha we're looking for a Digital and Communication Graphic Designer with experience generating content for the digital environment, especially for Social Media & Website.
We are a marketing driven agency that specialises in Marketing, Packaging, Branding, Corporate Identity, Strategy and Consulting, POS, Graphic Design and Naming. Our motivation involves providing a strategic, business-orientated response to our clients by taking part in projects as partners to create success stories together.

We are a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural team. This wealth and diversity enables us to work with brands such as Henkel, Jacobs Dowe Egberts, Revlon, GB Foods, Danone, …. but also with family-run businesses and even start ups. This is the case for European markets and for the United States, Canada and most African and Middle Eastern countries, including even Russia, South Korea and China.

The candidate will be responsible for designing all the visuals and materials related to the agency’s corporate communication strategy

The ideal candidate should:
+3 years of professional experience.
Prove experience as Digital and Communication Graphic Designer or similar work.
Have proven knowledge of image, GIF and video editing. We also value motion graphics experience.
Have strong aesthetic and conceptual skills and ability to turn messages into appealing artwork to attract the audience.
Must be a self-starter, an active-learner, and a thirsty trends seeker.
Must be interested in digital media, and active on Social Media. We're looking for a digitally-oriented human being who loves to create content.
Only applications with portfolio will be considered.
If you meet the criteria above, Little Buddha Brand Design Agency is a great place to get ahead.
Please, refrain from sending your cv if you do not meet the criteria above.
País: España
Provincia: Barcelona
Tel: 934152928